Be Happy for Success, Don’t Be Successful to be Happy

by May 7, 2015Psychology

In business it is all too easy to fool ourselves and believe that achieving some goal will make us happy. If I make that big sale, I’ll be happy. When I finish writing this post, that will make me happy.

Moving on to the Next Goal

Actually, making the sale or finishing this post does bring happiness and fulfillment. However, the joy is temporary and than the next challenge presents itself. 

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That constant cycle of desire, action, achievement, fulfillment, and desire again is the nature of relative, material existence.

When I started my publishing company, even having begun meditating, I was so driven that I seldom paused to celebrate or appreciate even major accomplishments. As soon as I completed the goal, I was on to the next. I fooled myself again and again, acting as though achieving the next goal would bring me real happiness.

Wild Times

After a particularly wild and exhilarating evening at college, I remember having a revelation. Although I really enjoyed the evening, I realized it didn’t bring me lasting fulfillment. The best I could hope for would be to repeat the experience again and again.

It’s not that we should stop having fun or not work towards goals. As long as have a mind and a body and function in the world, we naturally tend towards what makes us happy.

However, lasting, fulfilling happiness cannot be found outside ourselves in the ever-changing world.

We All Seek Greater Happiness

I was first attracted to Transcendental Meditation when a teacher explained that it is the nature of life to seek fields of greater happiness. She said that in the modern world most us of look outward, outside ourselves for that happiness.

However, the outer world constantly changes, and therefore cannot bring permanent happiness.

The teacher explained that when practicing TM the mind as if rotates 180 degrees and goes inward. Given the proper start, the mind naturally takes the inward direction because it is attracted to the field of unbounded happiness deep within.

We then bring that happiness in the world in our daily activity. My experience of ever-growing inner peace and contentment validates this understanding.

I Write this from Happiness

As I write this, I am coming from a space of happiness inside. Writing this piece fans the flame.

Yes, I am propelled to keep writing for the joy of sharing my experience, and yes I want the satisfaction of finishing this piece. Yet, whether I publish the article or never finish it, my underlying contentment won’t be affected.

I create this web site and write these articles because it feels good to do so. But my well-being doesn’t depend on it.

It’s Easier to Be Successful if We are Happy Already

You can be successful without being happy. However, then success is a struggle. It is harder because you are attached to the outcome.

You might get a date to the prom if you are desperate, but it isn’t easy or fun.

You might make the sale if you really need it, but it might take Herculean effort to overcome all the resistance created in the customer by your insistence.

On the other hand, if you want what’s best for the customer, and your well-being doesn’t depend on the sale, the customer is much freer to choose. If he sees the product is in his best interest, and feels that you care more about him then making the sale, the sale becomes easy and effortless.

Success Comes from the Well-Being of Your Stakeholders

Bringing happiness and contentment to your work affects all those whom your business touches. If you feel good inside, then that confidence and well-being spreads to your employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and creates the space for mutual benefit.

Being Happy for Success is a Description not a Prescription

You can’t really will yourself to happiness. You can form habits that help such as putting your attention on the positive rather than the negative so that you focus on small successes rather than what’s not working.

Most effective, is the habit of experiencing the field of pure happiness deep within during daily meditation.


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