Business Has a Life of Its Own

by Aug 10, 2016Operations

There’s something mystical and magical about the life of a business. An entrepreneurial venture, born of passion and nurtured in its infancy, develops a life of its own. That life expresses the consciousness of its owners, employees, customers, investors, suppliers, and community.

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Often I would walk into our business, witness its vibrancy, and be in awe. Even though I was involved in its creation and activities, the business had its own character, survival mechanism, and ability to find purpose.

Business Reflects the Owner

To understand the culture, strengths, and weaknesses of an entrepreneurial business, look to the values and personality of its founder and CEO. Characteristics of our business that mirrored me include cautious risk-taker, tolerant, loyal, inclusive, focused, looking for next new thing, messy, pleaser, learner, teacher, marketer first / operations second, generous, idealistic, practical, bottom-line oriented.

Business as a Game

Business is something I did to survive, prosper, and find meaning. When I tied my happiness to its ups and downs, I lost my center and suffered.

I was most effective when I viewed business as a game. Deep down, thanks to meditation, there was a witnessing quality. I knew I was playing grown up Monopoly. I had only to give my best and stay true to my values, enjoy the process, and not over-identify with the results.


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