Business is Phenomenal for Personal Growth

by Apr 14, 2017Psychology

One of the chapters in my book, The Meditating Entrepreneurs, chronicles the journey and wisdom of Steven Winn, who has made, lost, and made again millions of dollars in various enterprises. Here is an excerpt from that chapter.

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Business Riches Come and Go. What’s Important is What We Become.

Business is phenomenal for evolution and for developing the self-referral process. In business, we learn to focus and go deep within to make decisions. In the quiet, we ask and get results. Daily meditation cultures that silence.

Business appears to take place during day-to-day operations. Yet, business really happens in the quiet moments when we stamp our intentions on the infinite. When we go within, our infinite potentiality shows up again and again.

The ability to fulfill our desires depends on how well we establish the habit of referring back to the Self. We can create again and again from unbounded awareness, the field of all possibilities. Once we master this self-referral process the world is ours.

Deciding Instead of Wanting

When we’re chasing something, that’s our emotions, our ego. Instead, we can decide to have it and allow it to come. We are able to let go of the desire because we already know it’s ours.

There are two kinds of wanting. ‘I want a glass of water.’ In the U.S. anybody can get a glass of water in a few minutes.

‘I want a million dollars by the end of the week.’

What comes up? — Resistance. How? It’s impossible.

Wanting water is a decision. I want it, and I will have it. Wanting a million dollars for most of us is a desire. I lack it.

If we decide to raise a million dollars for our business by the end of the week, we can decide, “I’m going to get a million dollars this week.” We’re clear; we decide; we know; it’s done. Nature responds to all-in decisions. If we know we’re going to get it, and we allow it to come, channels open.

Self-Referral or Ego-Referral

Most of us act based on how our families and society programmed us. If my grades were bad, or I came from a poor family, who am I to make a fortune in business? If we only refer to our programming, our fate is all but determined. Similarly, if we make decisions based on our emotions (that is, based on our ego, our stress, our karma) our karma dictates the results.

Once we start making decisions from the Self within, freedom increases and karma’s impact is limited. If we refer to that unbounded quiet spot inside us, we take control of our lives.

Going Broke

In the 1980’s I made a fortune that in today’s dollars would be five million dollars. It took me five years to go through it paying taxes, donating, and investing in commodities and startups. I was 33 years old and just couldn’t keep it.

Yet, once you create something, it’s internalized. I’d seen it done; I believed in it happening again; I knew I could do it again.

I could have dwelt on the loss of so much money and repeated failures. What you put your attention on grows. If I kept referring to the loss, it would color and control my life. Looking at it and transcending it, releases it.

Fear and Greed

Make decisions from calm and not from fear. Get quiet; go inside and say, what’s the next step? Emotions are not trustworthy or reliable friends; that quiet voice is. A lot of being in business is mastering feelings.

If we’re using greed as the motivator rather than a vision of what’s possible, we never get enough.

If we are functioning from greed, greedy people join us. Greedy people take advantage of us and don’t stay.

If we catch ourselves being fearful or greedy, we don’t need to fight the fear or greed. We go to a quiet place within ourselves and release the emotions. As long as we keep going back to quiet, the world is ours.

Self-Referral –Think Big. Don’t Let Fear Govern

There are many things in business that we don’t like that make us feel uncomfortable or scared. Maybe it’s the possibility of failing and bankruptcy; maybe it’s having to fire someone; maybe it’s selling and asking for payment.

If we let those feelings run our career, we’re referring back to our emotions and stress. When we’re captured by emotion and negative thinking, what’s guiding our decisions? If we think small, we are letting fear govern.

Instead, think big. All things are possible when we engage in Self-referral and tap into the unbounded awareness within.


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