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“When creating things, being close to the Creator, makes it easier to create.”

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CHRISTOPHER KUFNER, a sublime and prolific artist, founded Crest Jewel of Fairfield and the first health food store in Des Moines. He invented the Tuscan Leveling System and runs and owns Americus Diamond jewelry store.


Advice from Christopher Kufner

“In business, you can evolve quickly. Every day you have the opportunity to choose between what is right and the expedient thing for more money.“

“I treat everyone with the same attention and care no matter how much money they plan to spend. I help whoever comes in first.”

“When creating things, if you are close to the Creator, it is easier to create.”

“If you are doing life supporting action, it is incumbent upon nature to support you.”

“With customers, it isn’t about the amount of money involved. The quality of the exchange is what’s important.”

“You don’t want to judge someone by their cover.”

“Learn to think with your heart and feel with your mind.”

“Anything that pleases the mind, heals the mind. In my work, I conjure healing moments in time that nurture the soul.”

“Releasing stress allows creativity to easily come forward.”

Christopher Kufner – the Entrepreneur Artist

Native Iowan, Christopher Kufner, has always been an artist and an entrepreneur.

Christopher sees each endeavor as an opportunity to create, which speaks to his spirit as an artist and innovator. Combining his artistry with his spirituality and integrity, he has experienced great success in business.

In the early 1970’s, after visiting Colorado, Christopher opened the first natural food store in Des Moines, Iowa, selling herbs, grains, and other foods by the pound. The store still operates today. He soon relocated to Fairfield. He opened Crest Jewel, the longest running meditator-owned Fairfield business, currently run by different ownership.

In the early 1990’s Christopher became the sole owner of Americus Diamond located just off the Fairfield town square. Christopher focuses on each customer and the quality of the customer’s experience. His staff greets and cares for each customer without consideration of the potential size of the sale. The jewelry store has become known for its quality, integrity, customer service, repair, and low prices and has long been a popular Southeast Iowa destination for shoppers.

In 2009, Christopher invented a way to improve the way tile is laid. That evolved into the Tuscan Leveling System. Today, professionals throughout the world use Tuscan Leveling.

Visitors of Americus Diamond often enjoy quiet time in  Christopher Kufner’s art gallery. Chris describes his art below:

My paintings are a recording my personal spiritual journey, meditative expressions of my gratitude for the life around me. They are intended to bring the viewer transcendent beauty in the present moment, just as you would relax in an armchair at the end of the day, pausing to experience a moment of peace and contentment in a chaotic world.

Epte near Giverny by Christopher Kufner

Jesus, oil on canvas, by Christopher Kufner

Girl on stairs Civita di Bagnoregio photograph by Christopher Kufner

Maharishi Laksmi Puja oil on canvas by Christopher Kufner

Epte near Giverny-Lavendar Mist_Christopher Kufner


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