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Cliff Rose

“Take yourself seriously. You can do it.”

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Cliff Rose has advertised for some of the largest companies in the world and has now created a Maharishi University of Management course that takes students all the way through the process of starting a business, from concept to market.

Advice from Cliff

“Investors don’t invest in a product; they invest in a person.”

“It felt right to give back to Maharishi for Transcendental Meditation, which unfolded my creativity and bliss.”

“Our customer’s positive association with a celebrity can make a product a success.”

“If you have an idea for a product, there’s nothing keeping you from developing it.”

“I’m a real fan of consciousness-based education, where the subject is at least as important as the object.”

“Take yourself seriously. You can do it.”

About Cliff Rose, Advertising Whiz

Cliff earned his degree in Business and Psychology from Southwest Missouri University, learning Transcendental Meditation (TM) at age 19. His increased creativity and bliss from TM inspired Cliff to move to Fairfield in 1997 to enroll his children in the Maharishi School for the Age of Enlightenment (MSAE) and receive a consciousness-based education.

Starting as a salesman at American Marketing Systems, Cliff soon became its Director of Marketing. He has done advertising and marketing for big names like the companies within ConAgra and trained thousands of advertising executives. He’s created TV, magazine, and radio commercials starring celebrities such as Shirley Jones and Olivia Newton John. Cliff also helped create and market the See Clearly Method, a revolutionary brand of vision therapy.

About the Concept to Market Institute

Cliff believes that TM maximizes creative potential and unfolds the mental potential of the mind. Such benefits of TM are especially beneficial for entrepreneurs, who must be creative, technical, and managerial all at once.

Cliff created the unique Concept to Market Institute to share his passion and knowledge with young entrepreneurs. The Concept to Market Institute consists of two month-long courses at Maharishi University of Management (MUM) that help students create and sell real products and start real businesses, including bringing in investors. The two primary goals of the Concept to Market Institute are to bring new students to MUM, and to create and inspire new, young entrepreneurs.

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