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Eva Norlyk Smith


“Follow your bliss, and trust the process.”

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EVA NORLYK SMITH cofounded YogaUOnline while creating the Healthy Back Healthy Body Program and other therapeutic yoga courses. Eva’s work facilitates healthy aging by restoring core integrity and posture balance.

Advice from Eva

Anything is possible.”

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.”

“Do things 200%.”

“The difference between a professional and non-professional is that a professional does things to perfection.”

“Follow your bliss and trust the process.”

“Before venturing into becoming an entrepreneur, pick one thing and become really good at it. It doesn’t really matter what your skill is. Once you learn to do one thing really well, it spills over into other areas, and you will always have something to draw on.”

“Look at what you do well and don’t focus much on what others do.”

“Allow your business to grow organically and learn the lessons along the way.”

“Know when you can deal with things and know when you need to search for the guy with the firewood.”

“Be aware of your physical limitations and take time for recovery.”

“The marketplace is always changing and competitors are always coming in. You have to constantly adapt to a changing environment.”

“Pay attention to detail with sharp focus while having the broad sense of the big picture.”

“When starting to work with people, don’t get too involved until you decide whether the partnership is a good fit. Always get your feet wet first.”

Find something you’re really good at, take small baby steps, and learn how to handle lots of stress.”

Eva Norlyk Smith and YogaUOnline

Eva started practicing yoga in 2005. She received her 200-hour certification, and shortly after, started teaching classes.

Soon after entering the yoga teaching world, she realized the education she received from yoga teacher training did not prepare her for the common problems her students were having. This realization sparked her wish to become a more well-rounded and evolved yoga instructor. Eva and her husband Terry developed a yoga therapy program to initially improve back problems, which later developed into posture improvement and core strength development, called “Healthy Back, Healthy Body”.

One day a student in her class into video production asked Eva if they could film one of her classes so that they could practice yoga traveling in New Zealand. This gave her the idea to build a website to market video courses from her yoga therapy classes. 

Eva knew first-hand the gap in yoga education for instructors. She saw the need for a platform for continuing education for yoga teachers. Thus, YogaUOnline was born.

YogaUOnline attracted a variety of yoga instructors from around the world. The teachers lead webinars for yoga instructors to deepen their understanding and education.

YogaUOnline filled a gap in yoga education offering deeper, richer and more therapeutic yoga training for raising the ability of yoga teachers. YogaUOnline grew from 5,000 subscribers in 2013 to over 60,000 subscribers in 2017. 

Eva’s strength as a writer, the ability to express ideas to her readers through her blog and marketing, has been a major reason in her success.  Eva’s daily practice of Transcendental Meditation has allowed her to manage stress and develop the broad awareness and flexibility to solve problems and seize opportunities.

Here are some sample videos from Yoga U.

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