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1. Website links mentioned in book


2. Color photos of meditating entrepreneurs and Fairfield – many more than what’s in the book


3. Tweets from Fairfield meditating entrepreneurs

4. Bonus audio and video of Fairfield meditating entrepreneurs

Listen to George Foster read his story (Meditating Entrepreneurs will be available in July at Audible. Each of the 15 stories will also be available in ebook and audio formats as a Meditating Entrepreneurs Single)

Video short: Meditating entrepreneur David Averbach (CEO of iPhone Life – Hal Goldstein’s partner) talks to Hal’s “Successful Entrepreneur” Maharishi University of Management business class with CTO Raphael Burnes and Editorial Chief Donna Cleveland watching.

Video short. Serial meditating entrepreneur Ken Ross discusses creating a business from his chiropractor telling him that the patent of one of his favorite products expired.

5. Gifts from Fairfield meditating entrepreneurs

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Some of these offers allow the opportunity to work directly with or become a customer of the meditating entrepreneur listed below. These links are provided as a service to Meditating Entrepreneurs readers and to Fairfield meditation entrepreneurs. I have no affiliate relationship or other financial interest. (Exception: first offer – I am a partner of iPhone Life magazine).

Hal Goldstein

Hal Goldstein – 3 free months of iPhone Life Insider.  ***Email Hal (Value $29.97.)


Janet Attwood “Meditations in Love” ebook plus learn more about The Passion Test. (Email required)

Eva Norlyk Smith  Unlimited Yoga courses and reports for one month at $0.99. (Value: $18. Requires email address, physical address, credit card info. Enrolls you in future months for $18 monthly fee. You may cancel anytime, and you will be warned by email before normal rate applies).

Jeffrey Hedquist. Produced and narrated portions of the Meditating Entrepreneur audiobook. Nationally known as “Advertising’s Storyteller” from showing clients how to increase sales using story. Email Jeffrey for free 1-on-1 Coaching Session (Value $300. You will take away actionable steps whether or not you continue with Jeffrey)

Ellen Finkelstein – Online marketing expert gives you 13 Steps to a Successful Online Business plus 4 Training Videos. (Email address required).


*Book contains link to bonuses from meditating entrepreneurs

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