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iPhone Life magazine


“Keeping your word is the cornerstone to personal and professional success in life.”

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“In business it is too easy to fool ourselves and believe that achieving some goal will make us happy.”

“Keeping your word is the cornerstone to personal and professional success in life. Keeping your word builds self-confidence and trust. Be impeccable about keeping small promises, and eventually you know you can manifest anything you commit to.”

“If you want what’s best for the customer, and your well-being doesn’t depend on the sale, selling is easy.”

“A company vision sustains, inspires, and empowers the business by giving work meaning and providing it with direction and definition. The culture, the character, and purpose of a business are rooted in its underlying vision.”

“Business is about building effective relationships with all its stakeholders — employees, suppliers, partners, lenders, customers, the community.”

“Let go of your attachment to money and attract it by donating monthly, even if you think you can’t afford it.”

“Listen to your inner voice for powerful and effective decision-making. Go inside. Feel centered and knowing. Allow the answer to come.”

“For success, customers must believe your promise about the product; employees must believe your word; partners, suppliers, and lenders must trust you.

“Start with the goal and make an unshakeable commitment to achieve it. Success comes from committing to an outcome followed by the clarity and strength of character to realize it.”


Brief Bio

Hal spent the late 60’s and early 70’s experimenting, protesting, and learning at the University of Wisconsin, and then hitchhiking through Europe and North Africa.

In the 70’s Hal received Masters Degrees in mind, heart, and spirit (Computer Science and Social Work at the Universities of Wisconsin and Illinois, and Interdisciplinary Studies, Maharishi International University). In the 70’s and early 80’s, Hal did social work, taught Transcendental Meditation, and engineered software at Hewlett-Packard.

In 1984 Hal and his wife Rita honeymooned from Palo Alto, California to Fairfield, Iowa to be part of a World Peace project. The following year Hal and Rita founded Thaddeus Computing to support mobile computer users with magazines and by reselling used equipment.  Magazine titles included The HP Palmtop Paper, Smartphone & Pocket PC, and iPhone Life.
In July 2011 Hal semi-retired, dividing Thaddeus Computing into several businesses each run and owned by Thaddeus Computing em­ployees. Hal remains a partner of each. Each year he teaches an intensive one month course at Maharishi University of Management: The Successful Entrepreneur ­– Integrating Inner Fulfillment and Outer Success.


The Meditating Entrepreneurs – Create Wealth from Inner Silence
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iPhone Life magazine

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