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“Leap before you look.”

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JIM BELILOVE in 1988 founded Creative Edge Master Shop to design and fabricate one-of-a-kind, artistic architectural stone flooring using computer-controlled waterjet technology. While running Creative Edge, Jim helped develop Sunnybrook Assisted Living facilities in Iowa. 

Advice from Jim

“A business runs efficiently when it creates systems and methods for other people to follow.”

“Leap before you look.”

“Progress happens when you successfully divvy out tasks rather than trying to do it all yourself”

“God wants there to be entrepreneurs. He just doesn’t let us know what it’s going to take.”

“Follow your fascination and make it a reality”

“First impressions have powerful impact”

“No training necessary when fascination stimulates creativity.”

Jim Belilove and Creative Edge

O’Hare International Airport, Monsanto Headquarters, World of Coca-Cola in Las Vegas, the Astronauts’ Memorial at Kennedy Space Center, and Federal Reserve Bank in Minnesota have one thing in common — the Creative Edge fabrication process of the materials used for hard surface flooring.

Jim Belilove, a Harvard MBA graduate, became fascinated with the opportunities that waterjet cutting brought to the stained glass industry. Seeing how this new technology enabled a new kind of artistic expression, Jim’s company began designing and fabricating custom flooring for high-end enterprises.

Creative Edge uses waterjet technology to cut hard materials such as granite, porcelain, stainless steel, and marble with a high level of precision in an environmentally friendly way. Unlike most machinery used in other cutting methods, waterjet technology does not generate pollutants or fumes.

Water and granite are used for the environmentally friendly waterjet cutting of hard materials

Custom Hospitality Floor Project that won Pinnacle Award for Marble; Renaissance Shanghai Hotel

Koi Medallion from Special Commission Medallions Collection

In process Creative Edge fabrication for U.S. government building

SunnyBrook Assisted Living Network

Sunnybrook Assisted Living, Fairfield, Iowa

In the early 2000’s, Jim and wife, Ginger, tried to find a suitable minimum care facility for Ginger’s mother. Unsuccessful, Jim saw a business opportunity as a way to help his mother-in-law and others a seeking suitable living environment.

While running Creative Edge, he raised local money and partnered with knowledgeable, heart-centered people to form Sunnybrook Assisted Living facilities in Southeast Iowa. They were designed to provide a full spectrum of services for physical impairment and memory loss while supporting healthy living, independence, dignity, and individuality. The life-enriching environment is based on the Montessori philosophy of care, which encourages full expression of mind, body, and soul.

Despite the real estate market crash of 2008, Jim’s facilities blossomed with high occupancy rates. Once firmly established, Jim sold the facilities to a company able to perpetuate the vision.


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