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“Take counsel from others, but make your own decisions. Learn to trust your gut.”

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JONAS MAGRAM and his wife, Sandy, in 1989 co-founded Prasad Gifts, a gift importer and distributor, specializing in fine incense.

Advice from Jonas Magram

Take counsel from others, but make your own decisions. Learn to trust your gut.”

“Do something, if you don’t do anything, it’s very unlikely anything will happen. Failure is part building a successful business.”

“Get it in writing, even with friends and family. Otherwise, you think you’re on the same page, and a month later, you’ve got two totally different memories of what you agreed to.”

“Most things take longer than you think. Plan accordingly.”

“There’s no greater resource for adjusting your strategy than listening to your customers.”

“Treat every prospective customer as though he or she is the most important person in the world – after all, their business put food on your table.”

“If the customer calls with a problem, our first words are, “ I’m sorry.” It doesn’t mean we were responsible, but we’re sorry for their experience. Those magic words disarm them, cause them to relax, and gives them hope that you’re going to deal with their concern.”

“Do something. If you do nothing, it’s very unlikely that anything is going to happen. Failure is part of building a successful business.”

About Jonas Magram

Jonas was born and raised in Oakland, California and graduated from California State University in 1973. In 1969, he learned Transcendental Meditation and attended teacher training at Humboldt, California and Estes Park, Colorado in 1970. After spending several years teaching TM, Jonas co-founded GDL Group and Western States Petroleum, companies that offered tax-advantaged investments, primarily in natural gas development. In 1989, Jonas, with his wife Sandy, co-founded Prasad Gifts, Inc., a gift importer and distributor, specializing in fine incense. Today, Prasad Gifts serves approximately 1,000 stores throughout.

In parallel after more than 35 years of personal development and four decades of honing his songwriting and performing skills, Jonas has emerged as a very special and rare talent. With poetic and moving lyrics and wide-ranging and rhythmic music, his melodic songs are a deeply honest celebration of life on the path of higher love, peace, awakening consciousness. 

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