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“Treat others as an extension of yourself.”

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LEE SINGH started Green Gourmet after moving to Fairfield eight years ago. Her passion for nutrition and care for people fueled the creation of one of Fairfield’s favorite Organic, Non-GMO restaurants.


Advice from Lee

“Each of us is a businessperson on a daily basis, from minute to minute.”

“Nutrition drives our business. Keep your values at the core of your business.”

“No matter what your business, you deal with clients. You must have a good client rapport.”

“Build an identity, so people know what to expect every time.”

“Make your business about the customers. You gain traction by creating repeat customers.”

“We do a survey twice a year so we’re in sync with what customers want.”

“Newness is important; always do something new.”

“Be happy and be nice to people.”

“Treat others as an extension of yourself.”

About Lee Singh and Green Gourmet

Lee lived in New York for twenty-eight years before moving to Fairfield to enroll her daughter and grandson in consciousness-based schools. In New York, she worked her way up from a clerical position to one as a business analyst.

While leading the Parent Teacher Associations of two New York schools, Lee had to hear about and try to resolve a plethora of issues facing the big city schools, including violent crime. She thought it was important to give her family an education in a community that practiced the Transcendental Meditation technique, and valued consciousness, kindness, and unity.

She started her business by cooking and selling food at the local farmer’s market. She says that “support of Nature” quickly helped her find and fund the restaurant location.

Nutrition has always been at the heart of Green Gourmet. Lee uses only the freshest Organic, Non-GMO produce for her restaurant, and she doesn’t hesitate to help advise customers in creating balanced lunch orders. Regular customers return to Green Gourmet to visit their loving friend, Lee, as well as to dine on the balanced, nutritious ambrosia.

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