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Hal Goldstein Bio

Hal Goldstein spent his first 35 years traveling and earning masters degrees in mind (computer science), heart (social work), and spirit (TM teacher/Interdisciplinary studies), and then working as a software engineer at Hewlett Packard, a social worker, and a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.

In 1984, Hal and his wife Rita honeymooned by driving from Palo Alto, California to Fairfield, Iowa to meditate in large groups for personal development and world peace.

To earn a living in Fairfield, Hal and Rita started Thaddeus Computing, which supported mobile computing users with magazines, apps, and refurbished devices. The company created magazines for HP, Microsoft, and Apple mobile computer users.

Hal semi-retired in 2011. Today the company publishes internationally distributed iPhone Life magazine and hosts the popular website and podcast.

Hal teaches entrepreneurship at Maharishi University of Management where guest Fairfield entrepreneurs share their stories and wisdom. Hal based Meditating Entrepreneurs and the (shortcut website on their talks.

The class and book demonstrate through real-life journeys that it is possible to build a business, make money, and grow spiritually at the same time.

Book Description: Meditating Entrepreneurs — Creating Success from the Stillness Within

Do you doubt that it’s possible to build a business, make money, and grow spiritually at the same time? 

Explore story after story in Meditating Entrepreneurs and transform your thinking. You will discover that you have what it takes to create a life of abundance and bliss.

Fifteen entrepreneurs, committed to their inner development and a peaceful world, share their wisdom of silence and success. These TM meditators share their empowering stories of moving to rural Iowa for enlightenment and world peace and creating extraordinary businesses from nothing.

These entrepreneurial journeys teach and inspire. They demonstrate that anything is possible and that abundance can be created without giving up core values. They show that truth-seeking, self-awareness, and social good are synergistic, not antithetical, to creating material success. This book is written for people committed to their personal evolution and view successful entrepreneurship as part of that self-development process.

Different readers will identify with different entrepreneurs. When the stories are read together, common themes emerge, knowledge increases, and inspiration grows.

  • Fred Gratzon served his People Magazine’s “Best Ice Cream in America” to President Reagan and Michael Jordan. Then, after getting fired from the company he founded, Fred launched a telecommunications company that became publicly traded.
  • Janet Attwood teaches people to find their life purpose.
  • Fairfield’s entrepreneurial mayor Ed Malloy helped transform a quiet, rural, Iowa town into an entrepreneurial entertainment Mecca.
  • Betsy Howland used healthy meals and used books to create a place for the community to gather.
  • George Foster went from starving artist to leading book cover designer.
  • Ron Bovard formed a community of artists that created heavenly stained glass.
  • Jim Davis built a business taking photos of personal triumph.
  • Steven Winn made, lost, and made millions of dollars.
  • Peter Huggins put people first in numbers-oriented businesses.
  • Monica Hadley partnered with brilliant entrepreneurs to create five businesses and two non-profits.
  • Eva Norlyk Smith trains Yoga teachers online.
  • Hal Goldstein published magazines about mobile devices.
  • Soil scientist Frances Thicke turned his organic dairy farm into an experiment for transforming agriculture.
  • Former Navy Seal and solar energy CEO Troy Van Beek created his company to end war.
  • Amy Van Beek, partnering with husband Troy, markets by promoting customers.

Each story differs and stands alone. In it, the entrepreneur shares lessons learned about starting from nothing in the middle of nowhere and creating inner and outer success.

What readers are saying about Meditating Entrepreneurs

Hal Goldstein has transformed his powerful, popular university course into a must-read book for aspiring entrepreneurs. From exploring the 15 stories in Meditating Entrepreneurs, readers can’t help but realize that inner peace and outer abundance go hand-in-hand, and that anything is possible when starting from the stillness experienced from the Transcendental Meditation technique.
— Vicki Alexander Herriot, Dean of Faculty, Chair Department of Management, Maharishi University of Management

Elsewhere, authors share how they did this thing, and now everything is rosy. In your book, I got to follow actual ups and downs. 

— Nancy West, Aspiring Entrepreneur

Wonderful book – I enjoyed every page. Please write a sequel.
–Norla Mylett, Book indexer

I thoroughly enjoyed this fun, educational, and uplifting book from cover to cover. Individuals, businesses, and schools have much to learn from these real-life pioneers and business warriors.
— Wayne Pakulis, Message Therapist

What unbelievable inspiring stories
— Erasmia Lois, Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering

I’ve studied success principles for years, and this book has them all. I may have used up an entire yellow marker highlighting this book up. 

— Paul Merrill, Writer

The stories are inspiring, charming, sometimes funny, engaging, and full of true-life grit. 

Ellen Finkelstein – Online Marketing Expert

I’m going to read this book to my grandchildren to inspire them about entrepreneurship.

Philip Krone, Founder, Productive Strategies


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who moved to Fairfield, Iowa
for world peace and enlightenment
and created extraordinary businesses
from nothing


Headshots of Hal Goldstein




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Photos of Fairfield and the featured meditating entrepreneurs

Possible Interview Questions

Business-related questions
How did you get started?
What did Thaddeus Computing do?
How was it as a small company dealing with HP, Microsoft, and Apple?
What was it like starting it with your wife?
What are the top lessons you learned about running a business
What were the advantages and disadvantages of starting the business in rural Iowa
How did Transcendental Meditation help you running a business?
How and why did you exit the business?
How is the business doing now? What’s the difference in how you ran it and how your millennial partners run it?

Questions about Meditating Entrepreneurs – Creating Success from the Stillness Within
What is it about?
Why did you write it?
Who will benefit from it?
What were some of the businesses that the entrepreneurs created?
What did you learn from writing the book?
What did all the entrepreneurs share in common?
What did TM and Maharishi have to do with there success

TM-related questions
What is Transcendental Meditation (TM)?
How Is TM different from other forms of meditation?
What have you gotten out of meditation?
How did meditation help you running a business?

Personal questions
Where did you grow up?
What was your education?
What was it liking shifting from teaching TM to social work to computer engineering to teaching meditation?
Wife, children?
What is your “retirement” like?

Sample Ebook and Audio Chapters

Table of Contents
Introduction – eBook
Introduction – Audio
Chapter 1 – Fred Gratzon, the Lazy Entrepreneur – Audio (A Meditating Entrepreneurs Single)
Chapter 5 – George Foster, The Art of Book Cover Design – eBook (Soon to be available in various digital formats as an A Meditating Entrepreneurs Single)

Formats and Availability

Meditating Entrepreneurs- Creating Success from the Stillness Within is
Available in print, digital, and audio formats.

Coming Soon – Each entrepreneur story of Meditating Entrepreneurs as a Meditating Entrepreneur Single in audio and ebook formats.


*Book contains link to bonuses from meditating entrepreneurs

Meditating Entrepreneurs

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