Meditating Entrepreneurs Share Their 10 Keys for Living 200% of Life: GIVEAWAY

by Oct 25, 2018Book – Meditating Entrepreneurs, Transcendental Meditation

I will likely publish The Meditating Entrepreneurs in Spring 2019. A draft is being edited, plans for the audiobook version have been made, and a layout has been agreed upon.

To reflect the power of the stories in the book, I’ve updated the website giveaway. It is Meditating Entrepreneurs Share their 10 Keys for Living 200% of Life. “200% of Life” refers to 100% inner freedom and 100% outer abundance — a full material and spiritual life.

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The 10 Keys for Living 200% of Life

1) Discover your passion (Janet Attwood and Fred Gratzon comment in the FREE REPORT)

“Passions are the pipelines to the soul, so remain true to the deepest part of your heart. Consistently favor your passions, and you will fulfill your purpose in life. Passions are like a trail of breadcrumbs. One day you wake up and say ‘Oh my God, this is why I am here.’” – Janet Attwood

2) Get clear about what you want (Betsy Howland, Janet Attwood)

“Picture clearly and precisely what you want. A moment of pure positive thought begins the manifestation process.” – Betsy Howland

3) Know why you want it (Amy Van Beek, Peter Huggins, me)

“The entrepreneur’s underlying vision sustains, inspires, and empowers the business, giving it meaning and direction.” – Hal Goldstein

4) Commit (Fred Gratzon, Steven Winn)

“Business appears to take place during day-to-day operations. Business actually happens in the quiet moments when we stamp our intentions on the infinite.” – Steven Winn

5) Take Action (Ron Bovard, Betsy Howland)

“As long as you show up and put in a full day’s work, you are in business. The longer you do this, the greater the chances of success.” – Ron Bovard

6) Become a master (Eva Norlyk Smith, Steven Winn, Monica Hadley, George Foster)

“Many new businesses have no accounting. Without numbers, they don’t know where they stand, and it is difficult to make good decisions.” – Monica Hadley

7) Honor others (Peter Huggins, George Foster, Ron Bovard)

“I’m an artist but lost the ego part years ago. I make the client happy no matter the number of revisions, no matter if it means scrapping what I just created.” – George Foster

8) Meditate (Troy Van Beek, Jim Davis, me)

“During TM, the meditator goes deep within, becoming familiar with finer levels of feeling and intuition. You don’t learn that at Harvard or Stanford.” – Jim Davis

9) Know thyself (Steven Winn, Ed Malloy, Francis Thicke)

“Farming in the moment means learning from the land and listening to intuition, allowing the universe to say what to do. When farmers do what nature intends, they solve both economic and ecological problems.” – Francis Thicke

10) Lead (Fred Gratzon, Ed Malloy, Troy Van Beek, Janet Attwood)

“Work together for the future. Start with common values, shared aspirations, and mutual understanding. Enjoy each other’s passions and celebrate the fruits of everyone’s efforts.” – Ed Malloy


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