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“Until you quit, you haven’t failed.”

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MONICA HADLEY has launched and run over a half dozen businesses and non-profits in manufacturing, accounting, SEO, fruit distribution, Iowa justice, and radio.

Advice from Monica

Customers and employees aren’t always right, but we can make them feel right. 

I have complete control over my attitude and am responsible for my happiness. 

Until you quit, you haven’t failed.

We take responsibility for everything in our businesses, even for things, not our fault. 

Turning great ideas into successful businesses require effective infrastructure.

Business success comes from knowing when and whether to pivot.

Meditation helps a lot, but if you want nature to support, you must give nature something with which to work. 

Win or lose today, the skills developed, experience gained, and friends made all form the basis for future success.

To know what to do, pull together everything you know. Then go inside for the answer.

I don’t let sexism bother me. I ignore it and act like it didn’t happen.

People mistake achieving goals for happiness.

People think that they must find the thing they love to do. Instead, just enjoy whatever you do. 

If you can find a way to enjoy the details, you’ll have a better shot at success.

From Teenage Mother College Dropout to Accidental Entrepreneur

Monica didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. In fact, she began her adult life as an eighteen-year-old mother and college dropout.

Her goals were to make a decent living and to make a difference in the world. She achieved both through entrepreneurship.

When Monica’s father died, she and her younger brother took over Sunsprout Systems, a manufacturer and supplier for independent alfalfa and bean sprout growers.  Together they got a sink-or-swim education in every aspect of business from sourcing to sales.

Starting and Running a Myriad of Businesses

Monica’s strength is infrastructure. For each business, she works in finance, production, property, legal, IT, and HR — the structural elements. Monica partners with visionary, sales-oriented partners who respect the importance of structure.

Her current portfolio includes Aeron Lifestyle Technology, which designs and manufactures consumer products; SEO Design Solutions, which offers a Word Press framework; Country Fresh, a nationwide cut fruit and sliced apple purveyor; and Fairfield Accounting Services.

In her spare time, Monica and her mother have a weekly radio show, Writer’s Voices. She founded a non-profit organization, The Iowa Justice Project. 

Monica likes all her work but enjoys most making a difference in people’s lives. Giving employees great opportunities and contributing to partners’ success has brought her great fulfillment in her business life.

Monica’s businesses:

Aeron Lifestyle Technology

Fairfield Accounting Services

SEO Design Solutions 

Country Fresh 

Iowa Justice Project 

Writer’s Voices


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