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Phyllis Khare

Phyllis Khare – Social Inc.

“Don’t be someone you’re not online. Be authentic, and a huge network of people will want to connect.”

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Phyllis Khare is the author of several Social Media Dummies books, co-founder of Social Media Manager School and founder of TimeBliss.ME


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“You can find your online tribe and enhance your life experience so easily with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Periscope. Connecting with people all over the world can change your life for the better!”

“Use your own natural authentic voice while posting online. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Be real and you will find a huge network of people wanting you connect with you.”

“Remember to put down your phone (Facebook) and have eye-to-eye conversations with people.  IRL (In Real Life) meetings are still the best!”

“Social media marketing is just an extension of your traditional marketing. You can use all media formats and platforms online as easily and sometimes more effectively, as your traditional marketing formats.”

“Your good offline reputation can be transferred to your online social authority easily through blogging and posting on just three social platforms.” 

More about Phyllis Khare

Phyllis’ clients are online international businesses looking to rock the social media marketing space. She consults and manages clients using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+,  YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. She authored Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and co-authored of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.

Phyllis and Andrea Vahl created an online learning center called Social Media Manager School with students from all over the world. And she’s the creator of TimeBliss.ME, an innovative way online entrepreneurs can use Google Calendar for time management.

She’s a member of Best Keynote Speakers (along with Andrea Vahl, Erik Qualman, Dave Kerpen, LonSafko, Jamie Turner and Chuck Martin) and has written and presented for some of the largest social media blogs and events like Social Media Examiner and Marketing Profs. Phyllis had a regular column “The Social Media Report” in iPhone Life magazine for several years.

Phyllis is the Senior Content Editor for the Social Media Strategy Path of – a membership site for high school seniors and college students that teaches through an online format; personal branding, career marketing and social media strategies. MyPath101 is being implemented in colleges and universities all over the country.

She was ranked #10 in “Top 10 Social Media Bloggers you must follow!” on SocialAppsHQ and consistently ranks in the top half of the Top Marketing Book Authors on Twitter.

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Company website: Phyllis Khare – Social Inc.


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