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“Business happens in the quiet moments when we stamp our intentions on the infinite.” 

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STEVEN WINN made, lost, and made again millions of dollars as a CPA, infomercial pioneer, no-money-down educator, pizza restaurateur, seminar organizer for financial planners and more.

Advice from Steven

“Business happens in the quiet moments when we stamp our intentions on the infinite.”

“As an entrepreneur, you either own a business, or you own a job. If your business requires always being there, that’s a job.”

“Owning your own business is a fabulous process for developing self-referral awareness. What determines your success is how well you can refer to that silent place within yourself, where, from that deepest level of intuition, you’re going to ask, what’s the right direction? What should happen with my business? What should I do with this employee? You make that decision based on alignment with higher force evolution, rather than on your ego, emotional needs, or stress.”

Riches from business come and go. What’s important is what we become. Business is phenomenal for evolution and for developing the self-referral process. In business we learn to focus and go deep within to make decisions. In the quiet we ask and get results.”  

“Whatever you do, do it impeccably, and offers will come.”

“There are many people with great business ideas, but nothing happens because there is no execution. Once you have a reputation of executing and doing things well, people bring you great ideas because they don’t want to do it themselves.”

“When we’re chasing something, that’s our emotions, our ego. Instead, we can decide to have it, and allow it to come. We are able to let go of the desire because we already know it’s ours.”

“Once we start making decisions from the Self within, freedom increases and karma’s impact is limited. If we refer to that unbounded quiet spot inside us, we take control of our lives.”

“Make decisions from calm rather than from fear. Get quiet; go inside and say, what’s the next step? Emotions are not trustworthy or reliable friends; that quiet voice is. A lot of being in business is mastering feelings.”

“If we’re using greed as the motivator rather than a vision of what’s possible, we never get enough. If we are functioning from greed, greedy people join us. Greedy people take advantage of us and don’t stay.”

“If we think small, we are letting fear govern. Instead, think big. All things are possible when we engage in Self-referral and tap into the unbounded awareness within.”

Brief Bio

As a teenager in the early 1970’s Steven worked as a white water river boatman, Fuller Brush door-to-door salesman, and poker player.

Steven did seasonal work and advanced meditation from 1975 to 1981. He was a CPA at Deloitte Haskins & Sells (now Deloitte Touche) 1982 to 1983. In 1983 Steven moved to Fairfield and became a partner in The Beckley Group through 1986, introducing (along with one main competitor) infomercials to the USA

The Beckley Group sold no-money-down real estate training courses and had a sales history of  1983 – $2M, 1984 – $8M, 1985 – $40M with 600 employees at peak in Fairfield.

Then Steven semi-retired until 1994, failing at several start ups  – including furniture making and direct mail to union members of union made goods.

He helped found Home Business Technologies – a startup home business opportunity program promoted by infomercials and direct mail. Sales history:  1994 – $3M; 1995 – $51M; collapsed in 1996 due to FTC and legal issues. HBT had 125 employees at peak doing $51M in sales.

Recovering from a 1997-2001 bankruptcy, in 2001 Steven started Calabria’s Pizza at the Amoco Gas station –  “not so fantastic income, but a lot of fun”

Current Business

2003-today, started and runs Seminar Crowds with partner Mark Delott. At peak, Seminar Crowds employed 30 with $12M in sales.


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