Commit Your Way Out of Inner Conflict

by Nov 3, 2015Commitment, Decision-making, Psychology

Full from a late lunch, I thought I’d pass up dinner, and just sit with my wife, Rita, as she ate. After a few minutes, I made myself a nacho snack of chips, cheese, and salsa.

When done, I was not happy with myself for eating or for my food choice.

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Over the years, I have become much less self-critical and more self-accepting. Even so, I was not pleased.

Becoming Conscious

Upon reflection, I realized that I had not decided to lose weight and eat healthily. Rather, I operated under unstated warring ideas: I should eat healthily, and I should be able to eat what I want when I want to.

These two contradicting unstated beliefs created inner conflict.

That inner conflict continues until I commit. To start, I must become aware and accept the contradiction in my thinking. That non-judgmental awareness creates the space to decide.

Removing the Stuckness from Your Business

If you run a business, and you are stuck, see if there isn’t some lack of decisiveness.

  • Joe has done excellent work. You would like to give him a raise, but you want to be extra safe with expenditures.
  • Should you self-fund and grow your company slowly, or borrow and bring in outside investors?
  • Should you use this phrase or that one in your marketing copy?

Having deeper standards helps decision-making. If vibrant health is a core value, then food decisions become easier. If treating people fairly is fundamental to your company’s philosophy, then compensation issues become clearer. Awareness of your risk tolerance makes self-funding decisions more obvious. Clarity on your selling proposition helps when writing marketing copy.

First become aware of unstated warring beliefs that underly inner conflict. Then from core values make decisions that will eliminate stuckness, and allow you to move forward.

Creative Intelligence, Discrimination, Powerful Thinking

The field of pure Creative Intelligence experienced in meditation is the source of thought, and the source of the decision-making faculty. Conflicting thoughts due to a lack of discrimination cancel each other out and lead to inaction. Discrimination and powerful one-pointed thinking from the pure field of Creative Intelligence lead to effective action and achievement.