How to Apply What I’ve Learned from The Meditating Entrepreneurs

by Jun 2, 2017Book – Meditating Entrepreneurs

I’ve written twelve chapters in my book The Meditating Entrepreneurs. Each chapter is a wonderful, inspiring story about creating a business from nothing. It is told from the point of view of a Fairfield, Iowa meditating entrepreneur.

I believe that anyone with both an entrepreneurial and spiritual bent will benefit from the wisdom imparted in each chapter.

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 I wish I could have read these stories before I started my business. It would have affirmed my sensibilities about running a business, which would have given me more confidence.

Each of the entrepreneurs featured in the book spoke to my Maharishi International University Successful Entrepreneur class. Every day for twenty days a different entrepreneur would speak. The chapters in the book come from talks given to the class. By the end of the month-long class, students were inspired. They recognized themselves in one or more of the entrepreneur speakers and realized that with persistence, passion, and flexibility, they too could create a successful business and contribute to the world. Further, they learned that they could use the inevitable challenges of business to further their personal development, and they could use Transcendental Meditation to further their business success.

I have been thinking about ways to massage the book’s wisdom so that its lessons could be more directly applied. As a test case, I will see how I use the lessons learned from the book to profitably and effectively market the book.

To start I have gathered the key points from each entrepreneur. Three sections divide the chapters:

Journey – creating something from nothing, the story of how the business began and evolved

Wisdom – lessons learned along the way

Spirit – the essence of the entrepreneur’s success and wisdom

(Transcendental – This section does not exist but is implicit in each chapter. What is the effect on an entrepreneur of the daily experience in meditation of Universal Being, Pure Consciousness, the Field of All Possibilities?)

Each chapter ends with questions for the reader to Ponder, followed by Tweets — short summaries of ideas from the chapter.

I’ve taken the most important wisdom and spirit from each entrepreneur and put it in the form of advice. The question is, can I turn that advice into something immediately useful, first for myself, and then for the reader? Or maybe just telling the stories of these people is sufficient.

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